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Get to know Boomer, Jovi & Brittany

Boomer's Barley Biscuits all started with a home-brewing hobby getting slightly out of control.  Spent grain from brewing was piling up at Brittany and Boomer's house as was the beer! Although Brittany knew what to do with the beer, the grain she did not.  After a recommendation from a friend, Brittany used the spent grain to make dog biscuits for Boomer.  They were a hit!  Boomer loved the biscuits and would do just about anything to get his paws on them.

As the months went by Boomer shared his cookies with his fellow dog friends.  Mostly because Brittany would not stop home-brewing and now would not stop making dog biscuits!  

Friends, family and fellow pet owners started asking where they could purchase Boomer's Barley Biscuits and the rest is history.  

In January 2016 we added a second official taste tester to our crew, Jovi.  Together Boomer and Jovi put their paw stamp of approval on every batch of Boomer's Barley Biscuits!

Boomer's Barley Biscuits Info 

Are you tired of feeding your dog treats with ingredients that you have no idea what the ingredients are?  Then give Boomer's Barley Biscuits a try!

With only four ingredients: spent barley grain, unbleached flour, natural peanut butter and eggs you can rest assured that you are giving your pet a wholesome treat without the worry of unwanted fillers.  Although the grains were used for brewing beer there are no hops or alcohol, both dangers to dogs, in Boomer's Barley Biscuits.  

Check out our Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 21.7%

Crude Fat (min) 19.3%

Crude Fiber (max) 10.9%

Moisture (max) 4.4%

Ash 1.9%

I love the taste of beer but I know it’s bad for me. My solution is Boomer’s Barley Biscuits. They give me the taste of beer without the harmful effects of beer! They are so good I would eat them even if they weren’t named after me!
— Boomer

Want to know more about Boomer and Brittany?

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